Hello there :)

Welcome to my blog! I'm Marjolein.

• I live with my boyfriend in a tiny house near the forest. We dream of having our own little farm house, with a piece of land to grow our own food and plant a garden. And probably some sheeps too, to spin my own yarn :) 

• Nature is one of my favorite places to be and I like collect little things form nature, such as feathers, flowers that I keep to dry in my nature journal, leafs, chestnuts etc. 

• I love whimsical creatures: owls, unicorns, deers, birds, butterflies and fairies and I love to draw them in my little sketchbook that I always carry around. 

• Speaking of journals, I love to journal and I keep several ones! Inspiration journals, drawing journal, knitting journals, diaries, nature journals, poetry journals...

• I love tea! I'm always up for trying new flavours. 

This blog is where I love to share my crafty adventures on knitting, crochet and a little bit of daily life with you.